The following pages show complete or near complete Palitoy Action Man uniforms from the past made by Pailtoy (1966-1984), on various period action man figures, including assorted vintage weapons and various footwear and equipment. To start your journey through the Action Man picture gallery for uniforms click NEXT PICTURE which appears on each page. This should cycle through the images. The vintage period covered by this gallery is 1966 to 1984 which is also listed in chart form covering every vintage Action Man uniform produced. Simply click the picture of an Action Man below to go to that page. Enjoy!

Palitoy Action Man Gallery

Soldier Pilot Sailor Airman GI Infantry Baeachhead Astronaut Deep Sea Diver Dispatch Rider MP
Ski Patrol Mountaineer German Staff Officer Mountie RCMP Grenadier Guard Life Guard Blues & Royals Lancer Argyll and Sutherland Hussar
Officer Foreign Legion Tank Commander Talking Major Sailor Medic Royal Marine Major US Paratrooper
Talking Commander Parachute Regiment SAS Soldier Helicopter Pilot RAF Ground Crew Space Ranger Commando Afrika Korps
Green Beret Stormtrooper Australian Infantry Kommandant
Tom Stone Royal Marine RNLI USMC SAS Explorer German Paratrooper Australian Desert Fighter Battle of Britain Pilot
Combat Engineer Air Police Armoured Car Commander Army Medic Combat Paratrooper Combat Paratrooper Sportsman - Footballer Frogman Go Kart Driver Olympic Champion
Polar Explorer Police Motorcycle Rider Red Devil Royal Military Police Sabotage Space Explorer Red Devil US 7th Cavalry Arsenal Celtic
Chelsea Chelsea Liverpool Newcastle West Ham Secret Mission Crash Crew Judo MP West Ham
Breeches Buoy Support Weapons Landing Signal Officer              

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Action Man Uniform Pictures