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Welcome to Action Man HQ, the Palitoy vintage Action Man reference website

Selling Action Man UPDATED 31 MAY 2022

This website is a tribute to the vintage Palitoy Action Man of 1966-84. It aims to supply the enthusiasts a permanent place to enjoy the original vintage Action Man from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, some of the Hasbro 1993 to 2006 range and now the 'new' Action Man ('50th') from 2016 to date. We have official recognition by Art & Science Int, UK licence holders of the Action Man brand. Action Man is still alive and well today and loved by enthusiasts the world over. He can also be found at his official home at

Click the picture icon links along the top of this page, or panels to the far left, to start your own personal journey of nostalgia. Enjoy the past with childhood memories sure to come flooding back.

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Action Man Community loses their finest


31 May 2021

We learned today of the sad passing of an inspiration. Steve Gilmour must remain the undesputed king of the still life Action Man action shot. His peerless images captured the creative imaginations of thousands of Action Man and GI Joe fans worldwide. An amazingly talented and intelligent designer, photographer, drummer, in a short time Steve lit our hobby up with his limitless enthusiasm and imagination, giving us iconic images through Toywithit - like ones we imagined for ourselves when life was simpler and childhoods were surrounded with toys, fun and play. His peerless work will live on and Steve set a bar I feel may never be bettered. My heart goes out to his wife Hannah (who he married a precious few days ago), his band mates, countless friends, relatives and family. Bravery was, and has to be everywhere now and we mourn the loss of a fine fellow. Steve's secrets are revealed on his Facebook page facebook/toywithit and Instagram page @toywithit

We are sure it will continue to inspire people to pick up their camera, and look for props of their own.

So go take a look now and lose yourself in those images. RIP Steve, sleep tight.

Remembering Steve Glimour 1976 - 2022

Was Action Man Show 20 the biggest ever?


Date: 6 MARCH 2022

Contact Roy Minshull 07767 605949

It certainly seemed so. THE BIG Action Man event was back with a bang in Essex. Lots of collectors and a few new young faces were seen treating their collection to an upgrade and snapping up vintage spares, figures, tanks, repairs and a cup of tea and a bacon or sausage bap. This really isn't a show to be missed. Lots of friendly help and advice is always on offer and is always a time-capsule of collectable Action Man pieces.

North Weald Village Hall was attended by hundreds of fans and collectors!

We have a few commemorative posters available - if you'd like a copy of the limited edition A2 poster (20) click here

A reminder there is a facebook page for this event: Action Man Show North Weald

Focus on Cherilea Toys for Action Man


5 March 2021

Action Man's rapid popularity did not go unnoticed and a few companies were quick to capitalise on Palitoy's boy's action figure success in the UK, producing not only their versions of Action Man vehicles, but also very worthy additions to the Action Man owner's military collection. We have added a page to this website chronicling Cherilea's more popular vehicles, boats and aircraft available in the 1970s along with a potted history. Also listed are links to buy replacement stickers when restoring these vehicles to mint condition,

So, if you haven't already found the page on Cherilea, please visit the Cherilea Page to take a trip back to memory lane!

Action Man brought to Life!


18 February 2021

Steve Gilmour must be the undesputed king of the still life Action Man shot. His peerless images are capturing the creative imaginations of thousands of Action Man and GI Joe fans worldwide. His images seem to freeze a moment in time, and you are left wondering if he has mastered the control of gravity and timing. Steve's compositions were recently featured in a newspaper.

His compositions are masterful, and the better news is some of Steve's secrets are revealed on his Facebook page facebook/toywithit and Instagram page @toywithit

We are sure it will inspire people to pick up their camera, and look for props of their own. And the odd firework!

So go take a look now and lose yourself in those images.

Action Man Storms Facebook!


15 February 2021

It's unofficial! The most popular and dedicated Action Man Facebook Page in the world goes from strength to strength! Currently with nearly 4000 followers* (March 2022), it is updated daily and has contributions from leading Action Man enthusiasts from around the world. Here you can see news and views, photographs, video, tips and tricks and much more to help you enjoy the vintage Action Man hobby even more. We would love to hear from you there, so what are you waiting for!

We know lockdown has been tough for a lot of people, but many have had spare time to invest in their passion and as a result our Facebook page has been busier than ever. A recent article headlined 'G.I. Dough' in The Sun has sent may people clambering to their lofts for the first time, in search of their childhood Action Men. The passion for Action Man seems to have been revitalised and many people are chosing to add to their collections or restore the pieces they have.

So, if you haven't already found us on Facebook, please click this link and give us a like and say Hi!

Action Man Show 17 - Superb Turnout


Date: 1 MARCH 2020

Contact Roy Minshull 07767 605949

The big, big Action Man event was back for what was to be one of the last public vents because of the effect of the Coronavirus. A week or two later and we might have missed this BIG SHOW. Fun, memories, spares and figures in abundence as useual - Will have to see if July's planned one can still happen, and if the country has beaten the virus by then. Let's hope so.North Weald Village Hall, and past commemorative posters of some these special events are available by clicking here

There is now a facebook page for this event: Action Man Show North Weald

Action Man Show 16 - the build up to Christmas!


Date: 3rd Nov 2019

Contact Roy Minshull 07767 605949

The next big Action Man Show is on Sunday 3rd Nov 2019 in North Weald Essex. This one is the last before Christmas, so a chance to fill your stockings. These ever popular Action Man gatherings are a must, and buyers come from around the globe confident of finding those missing accessories or to treat themselves to some boxed figures or vehicles. Make time for these shows, you won't be disappointed! Free parking and early bird tickets (9am) available. Show is from 10am - 2pm

These shows are planned three times a year in the same venueNorth Weald Village Hall, past commemorative posters of some these special events are available by clicking here

There is now a facebook page for this event: Action Man Show North Weald

Action Man Show 15 a big success! - Next is NOV 3rd 2019


Date: 20 June 2019

Contact Roy Minshull 07767 605949

The big, big Action Man event was back for Summer on a scorching day. Following the best ever show in March, North Weald Village Hall in Essex hoasted another amazing show. There were many familiar sellers and buyers snapped up vintage Action Man toys: boxed and loose accessories, vehicles, replacement stickers, spares for completing your Action Man, and had repairs carried out on the day (you could bring your damaged troops). The next show is in November - so make time to see Britain's favourite toy. All welcome and parking is free. Admission £3, U16s FREE.

There are three of these shows a year in the same venue North Weald Village Hall, and past commemorative posters of some these special events are available by clicking here

There is now a facebook page for this event: Action Man Show North Weald

Action Man IS HERE for Christmas!


Updated 6 December 2018

More to follow

Action Man 2018 The next generation of Action Man is now available to buy from £15 - yes £15! - the first retailer to offer them online was the Toy & Gift Emporium HERE. Other retailers are stocking them and a fresh supply will be available on Amazon before Christmas as early stocks elsewhere are becoming exhausted.

The new Action Men ar best described as 'My first Action Man' as he is firmly targeted at a new generation of kids (age 3+). Coined as Kids Action Man or 'KAM' there are two distinct product lines:

Basic range of Soldier (Contemporary Desert Camo), Sailor (Royal Navy working uniform) and Pilot (Orange jumpsuit - think X-Wing fighter type) with low RRP of £14.99 (available HERE at £15)

Accessoried range of Soldier (Contemporary Multi Terrain Pattern camo, SA80 and sight, backpack), Sailor (Royal Navy ceremonial uniform, walkie talky, kitbag and headphones) and Pilot (Light blue Mercury test pilot coloured flightsuit, molded parachute, sun shades and watch) at RRP of £19.99. (available HERE at £20)

It is said they will a constant Amazon and other Toy outlets online (and smaller shops) from December, and thereafter on a new Official Action Man web shop. It is not known whether they will be released in the US or Australia.

Action Man 2018

The new figure is less articulated than in the past (save perhaps the 1990s Hasbro offering), is solidly built (heavier than the vintage Action Man) to handle action, and has a very well received iconic headsculpt. There are three painted head hair colours within this range (blond, brown, black) and two eye colours (blue and brown) on the soldier and sailor, one on pilot, and the uniforms and accessories all fit vintage figure. A highlight of the new 2018 Action Man is the all-new scale twin metal dog tags and newly developed window boxes featuring the nostalgic woodgrain finish.

Good news for adults collectors is that a much more advanced and articulated range is being develop and will follow in line sure to be popular with collectors in 2019.

A press release is due from Art & Science.

What do we think? Some collectors just won't 'get' these 3+ kiddies versions at £15 as they are bonded to the older style figures. Like him or not what is undeniable is that these represent a welcome shot of adrenaline for the hobby - bringing awareness to the familiar man of action at grass roots level, and in the process making our old vintage friends much more coveted. It's nice if some claim 'they are not as good' as that preserves the memory of our dearest oldest friends. The 'adult' super-articuated range' for the collector are in the pipeline, so patience is required. Having said that these new kids are not the 'hollow limbed knock-offs' of our childhood that literally fell apart. They weigh in much heavier than vintage, have some new kit and features, and they will surprise you at how well they are put together for hard play as dished out by the youngest of us. Hopefully this will encourage new generation of acolytes to love the brand and think out their own adventures. Who knows, perhaps they in turn will pursue the vintage line as they grow older - having an appreciation. He is more than likely make an inquisitive buy for collectors just to have one for old time's sake, and he will not disappoint. Let's re-establish creative play, not just moan that it's all gone. This is our chance to patiently steer the grandkids away from screens and into the great outdoors. So Merry Christmas, the foot of the Christmas tree might once more have some familiar shaped boxes underneath. Never forget that excitement - it's a fond gift we now have a chance to give. 

More on the UAMHQ Facebook Page: HERE

Action Man Day 13 - the Pre-Christmas success story!


Date: 4th November 2018

Contact Roy Minshull 01379 640003

This Action Man Day 13 event was held in Essex and popped up just before Christmas! That meant stocking fillers for many. So many in fact that everyone reported it was the best show ever! The ever-popular event in North Weald draws top sellers from all corners (including Australia!) and buyers can always expect a huge amount of vintage Action Man figures, vehicles, paperwork and many collectors class the event as the one not to be missed. Get a wants list together because it's the best opportunity to find those missing pieces or treat yourself to a new Action Man.

If you missed this one, the next is planned for March 2019, then Summer, and Autumn in the same venue North Weald Village Hall, past commemorative posters of these special events are available by clicking here

West Ham Utd Bobby Moore Action Man!


Date: 8th Sept 2018

West Ham Utd have released a very limited edition of only 1,008 Bobby Moore figures. They say: "Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of one of West ham United's greatest legends with this limited edition Bobby Moore Action Man. Bobby Moore made his West Ham United debut on Monday 8th September 1958 against Manchester United. The Boxed Action Man includes a 1958 miniature embroidered No. 6 shirt, ball and dogtag. An asset to any West Ham collection!" Available here. Write up and more images here.

NEW! String-Fellows online shop ready to restore your old Action Man and vehicles


Now Open

Need an Eagle Eye head reattached? Need new elastic for your floppy Action Man? Your Field Radio gone silent? GOOD NEWS: A new on-line Action Man repair service website has just been launched by Samantha Wood of String-Fellows. Complementing her excellent String-Fellows Facebook page, the new on-line Action Man repair store offers professional restringing and other products such as starlocks for restoring vehicle wheel hubs, press studs, fasteners, 3D printed accessories such as machine gun mounts and steering wheels, and restored vehicles in A1 conditionready to buy. Get your troops heads reattached, elastics renewed, and talkers voice boxes speaking once more. Sam's enthusiasm for Action Man, her repair skills and extensive vehicle collection and knowledge are becoming second to none. Recommended. Click to visit the NEW STORE!

Summer's scorching Action Man Day 12 a hit


Date: 1st July 2018

Contact Roy Minshull 01379 640003

Action Man Day 12 Action Man Day 12 event held in sunny Essex was a hit with visitors. The popular Action Man event in North Weald Village Hall in Essex, drews top sellers from all corners and buyers snapped up a large amount of vintage Action Man figures, vehicles, paperwork and repair products. These shows offer the greatest opportunity to handle, check, and buy those missing pieces or treat yourself to a vinatge Action Man. Lots of helpful advice and on-site repair, twinned with the famous bacon and sausage rolls with a cup of tea made for the greatest of day's out.

AMCon 3.1 Action Man event a success!


Date: 14th 15th April 2018

Contact Alan Dawson

This April's AMCON 3.1 event saw two days of vintage Action Man worship, with happy sellers, and happy buyers and fans and collectors could enjoy the company of Bob Brechin - again on hand to inform the visitors on Palitoy's past on this historic site (now with its own Green Plaque). Charity benefitted too - donations made for the New Kopila Children's Home @ AMCon 3.1 amounted to £84.27. Held twice yearly in the Heartwood Conferencing Building on the "sacred ground" of the old Palitoy Factory site in Coalville, Leicestershire. AmCon 3.2 is on its way in November, ideal for those pre Christmas plans for gifts (and treats). Follow all the news on Twitter #AmConGB and Facebook . Contact Alan Dawson for more information

Action Man feels 'epic' in new Money Supermarket Advert!


Date: March 2018

Agency: Mother

Action Man Money Supermarket AdvertAction Man Fans are enjoying the latest Money Supermarket advert which features a whole team of slightly camp Action Men popping to dance routines. The ad has caused such a stir and has placed Action Man back in the public's affections. Action Man HQ put the production company MJZ in touch with Ian Moore of Eagleeyeactionstation for the project which was top secret. Ian supplied the figures and vehicles you see on screen. Directed by Tom Kuntz, the whole advert is stop motion animation (which we think makes it even more incredible) with a few 2D tweaks to the faces. 'Mother', the agency responsible for this (and the last few 'Epic' ads) is parting ways with Money Supermarket after a change at the top of the commissing company. A shame, but they went out on a high note.

Action Man Day 11 beats the snow!


March 2018

Organiser: Roy Minshull

Action Man Day 11 held again at the North Weald Village Hall, and beat the tail end of 'The Beast from the East' - many Action Man fans made the trip to Essex. There was a an amazing amount of vintage Action Man bargains to be had. Bacon rolls and an open bar punctuated the event and made it possibly the best on offer ever. If you missed this one, don't worry - there is Action Man Day 12 coming up on July 21st - put it in your diary!

Old Action Man picture springs into life


26th Jan 2018

Wisdom Design

Wisdom Design have taken an old familiar image from the 1968 printed Action Man Manual and brought it to life. The effect known as 2.5D or 'Parallax' effect is frequently seen on television programmes, when old images appear to be shot in a version of 3D. You can see the remastered image on YouTube here. The technique can be applied to any image, but some suit rather better than others. The Deep Sea Diver image underwent this treatment and the menace of the giant octopus is all too realistic!

New Action Man online shop open


Now Open

A new Action Man HQ store for all your Action Man needs! A large selection of reproduction stickers, fabric patches, and various vintage Action Man items for sale. Restore your old Action Man vehicles to their prime with reproduction stickers that are virtually indistinguishable from the original Palitoy ones. Restore those uniforms with replacement repro badges and patches. Also available are Action Man Figures, Vehicles, Equipment and posters. Stock is changing all the time so be sure to bookmark the shop. Click to visit!

Colchester Castle Museum hosted Action Man Exhibition for 6 months


Date: 11th Dec 2017 - 29th Jun 2018

Rob Wisdom

'Colchester Collections' exhibit within Colchester Castle's Museum, Essex showcased part of Rob Wisdom's vintage Action Man Collection.

Motivations for collecting can differ; some people collect for the ‘thrill of the chase’, the satisfaction of finding the missing piece and completing the puzzle. For others it can help to form a connection to a certain person, place, memory or time. It can be an extension of our identity and a legacy after death.

50 of Rob Wisdom's personal Collection of Action Men dating from 1966 were be on display in a large case for 6 months inside Essex's Colchester Castle, including the 'brother' of Mercury 10 Astronaut Major Bob Tom #FindMajorTom

Action Man brings back happy childhood memories for many. Collecting Action Man is a contemporary archaeology of sorts – learning the history, discovering anomalies, searching for rarities, and careful repair and restoration techniques. It is a collection that brings out so many happy reactions for generations under the spell. Colchester Castle is built on the ruin of an Ancient Roman Temple and is the largest Norman Keep in the UK.