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Helicopter Pilot 1981

Period: Eagle Eyes

Dates: c.1981 until c.1983

Cat No: Various

Heliciopter Pilot Action Man

Helicopter Pilot Description:

The Action Man Helicopter Pilot dates from 1975 and appears for the first time in the 1975 Action Man Equipment Manual. He is the boxed pilot intended for the separately available Action Man Helicopter (and its Assault Copter incarnation) and arguably the Turbocopter and Combat Plane too.


Quite common, the Action Man Helicopter Pilot outfit ran for a number of years and its final guise was this American 1st Cavalry Division type green flight suit with yellow insignia (replacements available here) and yellow scarf, and new helmet with built in goggles slider from 1981 (with sharpshooter head), eventually coming in the final(1983) chevron-style boxes.



ACTION MAN HELICOPTER PILOT 1981: Flight suit, scarf, boots, helmet with face mask (with slide down goggles), Star Card, hand cup, Equipment Manual.


The Action Man Helicopter Pilot uniform cahjnged to green and scarf to yellow in 1981 around the time of the sharpshooter head. Components of the Helicopter Pilot set were also available on period accessory cards. The 'current Action Man figure in 1981 was a dynmic physique Eagle Eyes figure. he suited the Assault Helicopter, being depicted on the box art.

40th Range

Action Man Helicopter Pilot c1981

Action Man Helicopter Pilot

Action Man Helicopter Pilot Helmet

Action Man Helicopter Pilot Helmet

Action Man Helicopter Pilot 1981 rear view

Action Man Pursuit Craft Pilot Box

Action Man Assault Helicopter Pilot - ideal for the 1981 Helicopter Pilot

Action Man Assault Helicopter

1981 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1981

Action Man Helicopter Pilot Boxes


ACTION MAN HELICOPTER PILOT (image courtesy of Vectis Auctions)

Action Man Helicopter replacement fabric badges

Action Man Helicopter Fabric Badges repro