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German Stormtrooper Outfit c.1980

Period: Eagle Eyes

Dates: c.1980 until c.1983

Cat No: 34315

Action Man US Machine Gunner

German Stormtrooper Outfit Description:

The Action Man German Stormtrooper of 1981 was a more authentic re-introduction of the Soldiers of the Century (and World) of 1967 design. Part of the 'Soldiers' Range It was very accurate in terms of colour and featured detailed plastic German webbing and water bottle. At last the ammo pouches on the belt were appropriate to the weapon (KAR rifle) in the set. The uniform was ultra detailed and used a lightweight fabric. Originally it came on the 'locker box', then short lived (and poorly illustrated) 'book' type of packaging, and progressed to the 'Window Box' style of pack (shown below).



ACTION MAN GERMAN STORMTROOPER OUTFIT: Jacket, trousers, plastic webbing, water bottle, boots, helmet, bayonet, scabbard, 2 x stick grenades, KAR 98 rifle, Luger pistol and holster, Equipment Manual.


The current Action Man figure at the time of launch in 1980 was an Eagle Eye dynamic body as shown in the images. The webbing can go dry and brittle, and a common break point is in the buckle area. It is in the same style as the 1980 Afrika Korps Lance Corporal, but in a black plastic (as opposed to brown). The KAR 98 rifle and water bottle was shared with this set too. The bayonet holder is black with a point and the bayonet should have a black end on the handle. Its similar to the French Resistance Fighter's dagger, but with a rounded end. The helmet has paper stickers either side with no Swastika (buy replacement stickers here) and was possibly the last legacy helmet still using elastic chin strap (other helmets of the time were using various plastic straps). On launch there was a cross over from the older style jacket and Schmeisser machine gun associated with the previous version, and some packs having brown webbing included and then the familiar KAR-98 Rifle (see pic below). The Book Card version came next, then the window card style of packaging. The collar and chest eagle badges are printed on a silk type material are not held on very well and can easily become detached. The muffler in the picture is not listed on the contents and may be a later popular custom addition to cover a rather plunging neckline.

40th Range

Action Man German Stormtrooper

Action Man German Stormtrooper Late

Action Man German Stormtrooper Helmet and collar decals

Action Man German Soldiers

Replacement repro decals and stickers available:

German Helmet Stickers

1981 Action Man German Stormtrooper

Action Man Stormtrooper

Action Man German KAR-98 rifle (Later issue German Stormtrooper and Afrika Korps Lance Corporal)

Action Man KAR-98

Replacement repro fabric badges available:

Action Man German Stormtrooper Outfit Set


ACTION MAN GERMAN STORMTROOPER 'Locker Box' 34315 (image Courtesy of Eagle Eyes Action Station)

Action Man 40th German Stromtrooper

ACTION MAN GERMAN STORMTROOPER 'Book' style (image courtesy of Vectis Auctions)

Action Man US Paratrooper box book

ACTION MAN GERMAN STORMTROOPER 'Book' style (image courtesy of Vectis Auctions)

Action Man book

ACTION MAN GERMAN STORMTROOPER (image Courtesy of the V&A Museum)

Action Man 40th German Stromtrooper

1981 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1981

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