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Jeep 1968

Period: Painted Head

Dates: 1968 until c1971

Cat No: 34706

Jeep Contents:


Sticker Set

Equipment Manual

Action Man Jeep Description:

"Authentic Jeep with fold-flat windscreen". This left hand drive blow molded jeep was an simple, but effective addition to the early range. A similar looking all-new blow-molded Action Man jeep was also was produced in 1978, with subtle differences. The two might get confused upon first glance.

Action Man reproduction Jeep stickers:

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The blow molded Action Man Jeep first appears in the 1969 Equipment Manual. The fold flat windscreen is very fragile and the steering wheel is often missing. The model shown has wheels manufactured by Irwin. The Jeep was blow molded in the Coalville Pailtoy Factory.

Action Man Jeep (1st issue)

Action Man vintage jeep

Action Man Jeep Front

Action Man Jeep

Action Man Jeep steering wheel

Action Man Jeep plan view

Action Man Jeep (Buy repro stickers here)

Action Man Jeep 1968

Action Man Jeep Rear

Action Man Jeep underside