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Helicopter 1974

Period: Flock Head and Eagle Eye

Dates: c.1974 until c.1978

Cat No: 34714

Action Man Helicopter Contents:



Sticker Sheet

Equipment Manual

Helicopter Description:

"Easy to assemble, snap together parts make the helicopter a really exciting addition to the vehicle range. Complete with working rotor blades and winch. (N.B. Does not fly)". An Action Man Helicopter Pilot was also produced to fly the aircraft as was a Pursuit Craft Pilot that is pictured on the later Capture Copter Box.


The Helicopter's screen is often marked. The yellow elastic bands that hold the Helicopter's rotor blades in can perish. The skids can easily break or have repairs. When this type of plastic is stressed it lightens in colour at the point of stress. The Helicoptor's winch works by turning a thumb screw, and the rotors by repeatedly pressing a button (see images). The Helicopter was also available in different guises later on, but first appeared on the 1973 Equipment Manual cover, however it only appears inside the next year (1974). Replacement stickers are available here.

Action Man Helicopter

Action Man Helicopter

Action Man Helicopter tail

Action Man Helicopter operating winch

Action Man Helicopter

Action Man Helicopter Cockpit

Action Man Helicopter rotor button

Action Man Helicopter Paperwork

Action Man Helicopter Assembly Instructions

Action Man Helicopter 34714 (with later Capture Copter)


Action Man Helicopter replacement stickers