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Combat Plane 1978

Period: Eagle Eyes

Dates: 1978 until c.1979

Cat No: 77007

Combat Plane Contents:

Combat Plane

Sticker Set

Instruction Sheet

Equipment Manual

Action Man 'Task Force' Combat Plane Description:

Action Man could take to the skies in a jet aircraft called the Action Man Task Force 'Combat Plane'. It's a rarity, especially if intact with original stickers and cockpit glass present and unbroken which is extremely hard to replace. It was sold by Palitoy's General Sales from 1978 on was based on a re-badged Irwin GI Joe Jet Fighter. Styled upon the Grumman F9F-2 Panther of the Korean War, the Action Man Combat Plane does not appear in any of the standard Action Man Equipment Manuals so perhaps would only have been encountered in (larger) toy stores that chose to stock the very large boxes.


The much earlier Scramble Pilot (of a US flavour) would be most appropriate to use to pilot this aircraft but he was now ten years out of production. The only real option available was the Helicopter Pilot of the time. The Battle of Britain Pilot was a WWII creation so inappropriate perhaps (That pilot awaited a WWII fighter which never materialised). The only other Royal Air Force uniform was that of the ( working dress) RAF ground crew. The Pursuit Craft Pilot of course, had his own transport.


It is not clear how long it was available for, but likely only a year or two because of it's rarity in the collectors world.


With a 26" wingspan, and at a length of 30" from nose to tail, it is a sizeable aircraft and is an impressive piece.


Replacement reproduction stickers can be found at the Action Man HQ Shop.


The cockpit is a delicate part and is often found broken. The front and rear locating pins drop into a hole fore and aft of the cockpit opening of the blow molded fuselage. The sides of the canopy have two lugs that slightly pinch together to for a snug fit. The main plastic wing section has 4 puch in poppers holding it to fuselage. There is no seat or joystick to be found within the cockpit area - just two half moon shaped control panel and cockpit detail stickers. The rear stabiliser (small wing at back) slides through the (vertical stabiliser) tail slot and small bumps stop it sliding back out. The underside is a little disappointing, having no stickers. Stickers often come adrift too - either warping through a combination of dampness or heat or the adhesive failing.

A red coloured Combat Plane version was produced at the time, close in appearance to the Red Arrows display team which is extremely rare.

Irwin had previously produced a dark blue version for GI Joe called the 'Jet Fighter Plane' with US 'NAVY' markings on its sides along with a leaping red panther (5396). The GI Joe version had a mechanism emitting a roaring engine sound as it taxied and was friction powered.

A more contemporary jet with delta wings (HS Hawk) was produced by rival company Cherliea - who often competed successfully for the action figure transport market during the same period offering better value for money.

Action Man Combat Plane

Action Man Combat Plane

Action Man Combat Plane from rear

Action Man Aircraft

Action Man Combat Plane nose

Action Man Combat Plane

Action Man Combat Plane shown with Scramble pilot of 10 years earlier

Action Man Fighter Plane

Action Man Combat Plane shown in flight

Action Man Fighter Plane

Action Man Combat Planes in action.

Action Man Combat Plane

Action Man Combat Plane cockpit glass

Action Man Fighter Plane glass

Action Man Combat Plane replacement stickers

Action Man Fighter Plane stickers

Action Man Combat Plane and Box (Image courtesy of Vectis Auctions) Note stickers incorrectly sited on rear wing.

Action Man Combat Plane Box

Action Man Combat Plane - correct placement of replacement stickers

Action Man Combat Plane Box

Action Man Combat Plane 3 colour box art

Action Man Combat Plane Box

Action Man Combat Plane rare red version (Red Arrows)

Action Man red Combat Plane Red Arrows

Action Man Combat Plane underside showing wheel arrangement

Action Man Aeroplane

Action Man Combat Plane Rear three quarter view

Action Man Jet

Action Man Combat Plane cockpit and pilot

Action Man Combat Plane

Action Man Combat Plane canopy glass. Two end pins often missing

Action Man Combat Plane

Action Man Combat Plane cockpit decals and holes for canopy

Action Man Combat Plane decals

Action Man Combat Plane - suitable pilots could be Scramble. Pursuit Craft or Helicopter type.

Action Man Combat Plane

Action Man Combat Plane Instructions L29

GI Joe Fighter Jet Instructions

GI Joe Fighter Jet Instructions No5396.

GI Joe Fighter Jet Instructions

The Cherilea 'Jet Fighter' often mistaken for an Action Man aircraft. It included rocket launchers.
(image courtesy of The Saleroom). Similar in apperanave a 1970s Hawker Siddeley Hawk, it was much more up to date than Action Man's 1950's Panther

German Armoured Car