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Ground Assault 1982

Period: Eagle Eyes

Dates: 1982-c.83

Cat No: 34281


The 1982 ‘Special Team’ (later to be rebranded 'Special Operations') was a 4 figure Action Man outfit range consisting of Ground Assault, Underwater Assault, Arctic Assault, and a year later, Missile Assault (1983). They were a futuristic fighting force designed to tackle a number of exciting terrains. The creative work of Greg Hughes, conceptual designer, this exciting imaginative departure was set to introduce a range of associated futuristic ‘Wolfpack colour schemed’ vehicles before the plug was pulled on Palitoy in 1984. (example here). The Ground Assault special haversack contained two ladder sections that joined to form a short ladder


34281 Ground Assault
34281 Arctic Assault
34281 Underwater Assault
934843 Missile Assault

Action Man' Special Team' Ground Assault:


GROUND ASSAULT: Camouflaged combat shirt with armband, combat trousers, tan rubber balaclava, plastic webbing with pouches and water bottle, haversack and 2 x ladder pieces, gloves, boots, helmet with built in visor and fabric emblem, rifle, bayonet and scabbard. Equipment Manual.



These outfits were produced when Action Man sales were on the wain, and the number sold were lower than the majority of Action Man outfits, which make them amongst the rarer of uniforms to find complete. Material divisional badges tend to fall off of helmet and sleeve (replacements available here) and balaclavas perish. The oversized boots rattle a little on the figures (strangely based upon those oversized type previously borrowed from the Six Million Dollar man toy line) and the cumbersome plastic gloves totally negated the development of gripping hands, making weapon holding impossible. The Missile Assault is the rarest of the three, and the Underwater Assault frogman rubber outfit is super rare due to perishing material.

Action Man Special Team Ground Assault

Action Man Ground Assault

1981 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1981

Action Man Special Team Ground Assault (image Eagle Eyes Action Station)

Action Man Ground Assault

Replacement Ground Assault repro fabric badges available:

Arctic Assault Badges

Action Man Ground Assault Packaging


GROUND ASSAULT 34281 (image courtesy of Vectis Auctions)

GROUND ASSAULT 34281 (image V&A Collections)

GROUND ASSAULT 34281 (image courtesy of Eagle Eyes Action Station)

GROUND ASSAULT 34281 (image V&A Collections)