Afrika Korps 1979

Period: Eagle Eyes

Dates: 1979-c.81

Cat No: 34264

Afrika Korps (Internationals) Description:

The 'Internationals range' was a basic stripped-down version of previous uniforms, and also included some new content. Launched on blister packs in 1979 they included a (new) Russian Infantryman, UN Peace Force, German Paratrooper and USMC, and familiar Red Devil Parachutist basics. The Action Man Afrika Korps could be accessoried by purchasing separate accessory card sets. A Afrika Korps Lance Corpoal uniform with more accessories followed in 1980.

Action Man Afrika Korps:


ACTION MAN AFRIKA KORPS UNIFORM: Shirt, trousers, boots, cap.

Action Man Reproduction Afrika Korps badges:

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The Action Man Afrika Korps outfit from the Internationals range was a basic uniform that needed further accessorisation to give it play value. The lightweight uniform is prone to losing its silk like badges (buy Afrika Korps badge replacements here).A similar uniform of an Afrika Korps Lance Corporal (from 1980) features corporal stripes on the sleeve, and has a full range of equipment, webbing and a DAK helmet too. Only the Afrika Korps International uniform had the cap shown. The 'current' Action Man in 1979 was the dynamic body Eagle Eyes figure (introduced year before). The Lance Corporal was produced fro the 40th Anniversary sets.

40th Range

Action Man 'Internationals' Afrika Korps

Action Man Afrika Korps

Action Man Afrika Korps cap and collar detail

Action Man Afika Corps

Action Man Afrika Korps rear view

Action Man DAK

Action Man Afrika Korps with period accessories from a later 'Lance Corporal' outfit

Action Man Africa Corps

Action Man Internationals Afrika Korps



Action Man Cat No 34264

Afrika Korps armband detail

Action Man Afika Korps