Action Footballer Set 1968

Period: Painted Head

Dates: 1968 until c1970

Cat No: 34801

Action Man Action Footballer

Action Man Action Footballer Contents:



Display Stand (painted)
Football Information leaflet
Equipment Manual

Action Footballer Description:

The Action Footballer first appears in the 1969 Equipment Manual and came complete with a painted stand, in a season in which Everton went on to win Football League Divison 1, displacing Manchester City as Champions. It was also available in the more common red shirt and white shorts (as per 1966 World Cup winners' away strip). In 1970 a World Cup Footballer was released just in time for the World Cup (34804) with replica World Cup and separate black panel ball together with a new range of different kits on equipment cards allowing you to make your own teams. Also available was an Action 'Sportsman' footballer figure in its own box which ran until 1972. A track suit was also an option (34807). 1st Division replica football clubs would start to follow from 1971.


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The Action Man early football tops are 'nylon' and stretch or shrink easily, the white prone to discolouring to a biege. The base is similar to the Cricketer base, however it has no crease line applied but retains the stump holes. Later issues of bases gained flock grass. The rather small ball (they haven't shrunk - they were always small) has HONG KONG raised on its surface. The ball is fairly rare, as are these early nylon-shirted versions. The earliest badges are printed onto a plastic shield, which became paper shield (see image below). The 50th Action Man Footballer has an embroidered badge.

40th Range

1968 Action Man Action Footballer

Action Man Footballer

Action Man Action Footballer in England 'nylon' away kit (image courtesy of Vectis Auction)

Action Man England Kit

Action Man Action Footballer

Vintage Action Man Footballer

Action Man Action Footballer Badge 1st issue c.1968 (left) and later issue c. 1969 (right). Buy replacement stickers here

Action Man Action Footballer Set



1969 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1969