Action Cricketer Set 1968

Period: Painted Head

Dates: 1968 until c1970

Cat No: 34802

Action Man Action Cricketer

Action Man Action Cricketer Contents:

Cap with badge
V-neck Jumper
3 x stumps
1 x set of bales
Painted stand (with crease line)
Cricket Information leaflet
Equipment Manual

Cricketer Description:

The Action Cricketer is a very detailed set and is fairly rare, along with much of the short-lived 'Sportsman' range. It first appears in the 1969 Equipment Manual but has gone by 1971.


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The Cricketer's jumper is very prone to snagging, and fraying. Also the blue dye in the wool runs if it gets wet or there is any attempt to wash it, making it a very rare piece in any kind of reasonable condition. The ball and (single piece) bales are also difficult to locate. The pads straps also tear through the buckles if handled without extreme care. The base is similar to the footballer base, however it has the crease line applied. Later issues of bases had flock grass. He wears white versions of the football boots, and a peaked cap wearing the badge associated with the footballer too. The bat has plastic tape binding that often comes off when the adhesive breaks down. Jumpers in a mint condition should be suspected as 40th reproduction by way of caution.

40th Range


1968 Action Man Action Cricketer

Action Man Cricketer

Action Man Cricketer getting bowled out

Action Man Action Cricketer Set


CRICKETER 34802 (image courtesy of Vectis Auctions Ltd)
Note mislabeled top panel. Action Man Cricketer Box

CRICKETER Box rearAction Man Cricketer Box

Action Man Cricketer stickers

1969 Action Man Official Equipment Manual

Action Man Official Equipment Manual 1969