Action Soldier 1964

Period: Original GI Joe

Dates: 1964 until 1968

Cat No: 7500

Action Man Soldier

G.I.Joe Action Soldier Typical Contents:

Shirt ('regulation cut army denims')
Brown Boots (tall)
Cap (green)
Metal ID Tag


Selection from:

Army Manual (Training Manual)
Equipment Manual

GI Joe Collectors Club Leaflet

Rank Insignia Sheets (Stripes + Medals / Name)

Boot Removal Instructions

'How to' leaflet (one of three)


GI Joe Action Soldier Description:

The basic vintage GI Joe Soldier figure from 1964 was the forerunner to the Action Man figure of the same name and could be accessorised further by accessory cards. Also available from Hasbro were a GI Joe Action Sailor, Action Marine and Action Pilot. The four original figures came ready-dressed in a simple two piece 'coffin' box adorned by artwork by American Sam Petrucci of the US design agency Thresher and Petrucci. Inside were one of four themed 'Training Manuals' (Army, Air, Navy, Marine), and variations of brochure / posters, instructions of removal of boot, and Collector's club leaflet. He became an instant sensation 1964 but anti-war sentiment was to tone him down for the Adventure Team figures that were to follow.


Price in 1964: $4.00


The GI Joe Action Marine figure concept never made it to the UK as a boxed figure, but a 'Beachhead' uniform was available that the US marine wore, so similar outfitting was possible. The GI Joe featured attractive paper rank stickers that helped give some visual appeal to the figure, again not adopted by the UK Palitoy version in from 1966. From the first 'TM' to '©' figures there were many slight detail changes to the copyright information on buttock, and literature included with the figures. Early figures had eyeliner, not seen in the UK.

The GI Joe figure, unlike Action Man, came with rank stickers (available here)

GI Joe Action Soldier Vintage

The GI Joe figure head sculpt c1966

GI Joe Head

The GI Joe figure's Dog Tag

GI Joe Dog Tag

The GI Joe figure, unlike Action Man, came with rank stickers (available here)

GI Joe Stickers Repro

GI Joe Box art - supplied the template for Action Man

GI Joe Box Art

GI Joe Box Panel

GI Joe

Action Man origins are from America's G.I.Joe action figure...

GI JOe figure and kit locker

c1966 GI Joe Action Soldier in his box


GI Joe Boot removal instructions (preceeded by a 'typed' version).

GI Joe Boots instructions

One of the GI Joe Club leaflets

GI Joe Club

GI Joe

GI Joe


Made in Canada Copyright on back

52 years apart - Original GI Joe and 2016 50th Anniversary Action Man

GI JOe figure and kit locker

Price when new: $4.00

GI JOe figure and kit locker

GI Joe Equipment Manuals from 1964


GI Joe Fold out poster

GI Joe Poster

GI Joe Manuals. Smaller version was for the boxed figure.

GI Joe Manual