Ski Patrol 2017

Period: 50th Anniversary

Dates: Jan 2017 -

Cat No: AM00006

50th Action Man Ski Patrol

Ski Patrol Description:

On 19th January 2017 a uniform set similar in design to that of a vinatge Action Man "Ski Patrol" uniform was releaser to further celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the launch of the basic Action Man Action Soldier of 1966 in the UK. This release re-establishes the Action Man brand once more. The Ski Patrol equipment appears similar in design to the 'Ski Patrol' of the type issued for Action Man with the additional 'Mountain Troops' Equipment Card included too. He has brown flock hair, and gripping hands and a hand-made body similar to the original Action Man action figures of the 1960s and 1970s. He comes in a quality window box that also doubles as a presentation box with mountain landscape 3D diorama. He is produced by Art + Science International, the licence holders.


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Action Man 50th Anniversary Ski Patrol:


SKI PATROL SET (AM717): Action Man figure (brown flock), Ski poles, yellow rope wound round ice axe, helmet, goggles, web belt, 3 x grenades, back pack, snow shoes, white M1 rifle, skis, boots, ski parka and trousers, colour Action Man booklet, dog tag.


The Action Man Ski Patrol set was originally launched in 1966 as a set, or on equipment cards. See Action Man Ski Patrol. The badge on the 50th version replaces the 'Alaska Command' Bear on the uniform and helmet, with a restyled US 10th Mountain Division badge. The back pack has a cardboard former inside for it to retain its shape. The grenades are held on webbing by a plastic binding. The jacket is clearly labeled 50th in the collar, and has the new woven badge on the chest. The helmet is distinct too, having the new badge, and stronger redesigned helmet lugs. The uniform is produced to a very high quality. The booklet has AM00006 printed on its cover, but is the same inside as all of the first wave booklets.

Action Man 50th Ski Patrol detail

Action Man 50th Ski Patrol

Action Man 50th Ski Patrol M1 Rifle

50th Anniversary Action Man Ski Patrol figure

Action Man 50th Ski Patrol Box

50th Action Man Box Ski Patrol

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Action Man Ski Patrol

Action Man 50th Ski Patrol Snow Shoes

50th Anniversary Action Man Ski Patrol

Action Man 50th Ski Patrol Ski Parka

Ski Patrol Action Man 50th

Action Man 50th Ski Patrol Box Rear